Queen of the dark

An initiation into sex, love and magic…

Hi Queen. You are invited.

discover your dark & sexy side


Surrender to the dark

Drown yourself in mystery

Discover the magic of self-pleasure

Sink deeper in the depths of your feelings

Fill your body with sexual energy

Wake up in another dimension

You are a queen of the dark

Let me take you there

X Denise

royal. mystic. pleasure.

classy. naughty.

queen of the dark

8 weken gevuld met juiciness & sexiness

6 live Queen Nights via Zoom

Toegang tot QueenDOM (ondeugende community in Telegram met prikkelende video’s en commando’s)

3 Mystery Guests

Your Ticket: 888,- (incl btw)

*Betaling in drie termijnen is mogelijk.

The dates

queen nights

16 februari | 23 februari | 9 maart

16 maart| 30 maart | 6 april


20.00 uur ~ Live via Zoom
*Replay beschikbaar

you are a queen.

and you are ready.
own it.